January 20, 2017: Day 1 of the Resistance

You know when you’re watching football and there’s a flag on a play and then the ref comes out and he calls a penalty for something that totally didn’t happen and you’re like, what’s the deal? And then it happens 4 more times and you realize it’s a biased ref, and he’s getting away with it, and it’s breaking the game because if things were just, the losers would be winning?

That’s what happened in America. Bernie should have won, but then the DNC’s superpacs threw down the flag and called it for Hillary. And I know that’s old news and it’s controversial, but that’s my two cents about the primaries. And then, because it really is a rigged game in politics today, the electoral college fucked things up again and now the person who got the most votes didn’t win, just like with Al Gore. And in 2000 I was shocked and I just watched it happen and didn’t do anything, but this past year? I got downright pissed off. And I’m still pissed off.

I’d really like to hide in my room and watch Gilmore Girls, Star Trek Next Gen, or anything halfway decent for the next four years. I’d also like to take advantage of the fact that pot is legal in California now and smoke myself into a stupor, every day. Trouble with that plan is, it won’t solve anything. I’d also like to run—leave the country, find a nice quiet socialist country and just, enjoy my life. But I’m not going to do that—in my post in November I said I would. But I changed my mind. And to slightly modify something I said in November: I will live in an America that supports people of color, women, LGBT people, poor people, veterans, mentally and physically handicapped people, survivors of sexual violence, and the environment. I will be an activist and by being one, help make America a place where I can wake up proud to be a citizen.

I am going to stand and fight.

I will use my voice and my power. This is still a democracy, and it’s my duty as a citizen of this country to stand and fight, point out the injustices and demand that the biased ref who’s been messing up this game be fired.

Who’s with me?!? I’ll see you in the streets.


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