A Hummingbird Stole My Heart

A hummingbird lives outside my bedroom window. Right outside–in a tiny, beautiful, mossy (so much so that it looks fluffy!) nest. He (she?) is in it right now – being a hummingbird, full of energy. She doesn’t sit still in her nest. Her head moves side to side. Is she dreaming? Then she quickly points her long beak downward and does something to her nest, and wiggles further down into her tiny home. The branch she’s on (I’ve decided she’s a she – I want to see baby hummingbirds!) is little – maybe a half inch in diameter. It bends a little when she’s in her nest. She just spun 180 degrees so that she’d face the other way. Did she feel me staring at her? Is she sitting on tiny eggs even just now? It does seem odd to me that she’s in her nest in the middle of the day, but who am I to judge? I’m still in my pajamas.

She is so delicate and perfect. I have begun to learn some about the Mexihca tradition, and they believe hummingbirds can be symbols for various ideas.  It can be a way of orienting to this time and place, and seeking the nectar of happiness.  Because it’s the hummingbird, it’s also a symbol for business.  Perhaps she’s here to remind me that it’s OK for me to be busy, or maybe she’s here to point out my hurried ways and help me to slow down.  When we see hummingbirds in the dream state, they can symbolize various ideas, including developing discipline and healing relationships.  I believe this hummingbird nested outside my window to help me with all of these items.

I long to be like her – to be, as the cliche states, ‘free as a bird.’ She is to-do list-less.She doesn’t worry about the state of politics. She is full of love (I hope – please don’t waste your time being a rageful being, Ms. Hummingbird). She is a traveler and she has built a nest to come home to each day and night.  It’s there when she needs it.

I cannot imagine anyone trying to take away her rights, telling her to fly differently, or caging her. You never see hummingbirds at zoos, right? (I don’t visit zoos, so truthfully I don’t know, maybe you do!) She’s just so majestic, and she’s living. She’s out there, doing her thing. I’m her biggest fan.




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